It can be overwhelming but you can start with simple things such as bringing your own grocery bags and refusing plastic waste. We will have workshops and info sessions on how to get started, but in the mean-time check out our blog to read about various tips and tricks on going zero-waste.

You’ll bring your own clean jars, containers, or bags to our store, we will weigh them at the tare station and write the weight on the container or bag. Then you fill each container with the soaps, shampoos, lotions or other goodies you want. At the cash we will deduct the weight of your containers so you aren’t paying for them. That’s it… you only pay for what you need!

A deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container; also : the weight of the container. This way, you only pay for what is inside and not the weight of the container!

Yes! You can bring any kind of container – glass, plastic, cloth bags, plastic bags, Tupperware, etc! Just make sure you clean it beforehand!

You can read about curbside pickup here.

You can read about curbside pickup here.

During COVID-19 our bulk section will not be self serve. Simply let me know what you’d like to fill your jars/containers with and I will be more than happy to fill’er up!

We have a variety of jars/containers for purchase in the store, but you are more than welcome to bring your own, clean containers with you.

Masks must be worn at all times while Inside the store.

Please use the sanitizer at the front door as soon as you come in.

Maintain a 6 foot distance between one another.

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